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Aaron Builders has the experience expertise and knowledge to provide consulting services to a broad range of clients for various purposes. We assist Insurance Companies and management companies by providing estimates and inspection reports for catastrophic losses; we also give “second opinions” to insurance companies and management companies when they find a need to have a comparison to another estimate. We also perform inspections that can determine the cause of the loss and provide information on the prior condition of the property (structural, age of roof, etc.) and issue an expert opinion.

We are Haag Certified, Aaron Builders can provide Haag Certified reports for commercial and residential roofs.
The purpose of consulting is to assist Insurance Companies and Management Companies in protecting their risk and interest in the property. We offer our Risk Management services to property management companies because many are self insured for large exposure, to help them manage costs and exposure for the loss.

We also offer a “Third Party Opinion”, when two parties cannot agree on an issue we provide an opinion or estimate that can assist in settling the dispute. It is because of our extensive experience in estimation and restoration along with our outstanding reputation that we are highly sought after by several Carriers and management companies for consulting services.

As part of our consulting services we will travel anywhere in the United States to assist, inspect and report.